Key to Jerry Ghionis

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What’s the key to this amazing, world renowned inspirational photographer?  


  • A solid repertoire with more than 20 years of experience photographing weddings and portraits with a determination to continually improve


* Technical mastery of lighting to achieve dramatic portraits, even designing his own “Ice Light” for added impact 


* The ability to pose people fluidly with his mellifluous verbal instructions so they appear elegant yet plausible 


  • Willingness to walk away from a successful studio model to return to the essence of what is a manageable client list that still affords travel and financial security without sacrificing a balanced life of joy


  • The courage to reconnect with his passion and original inspiration that has led to the development of a new creative direction in a new city


  • A genuine commitment to sharing his expertise, experience and excellence to foster creativity and business acumen in others in person or via The I.C.E. Society.


  • A wicked sense of humor and natural warmth that sets people at ease


  • A candid honesty in sharing his learning experiences, mistakes and heartbreaks


  • The love of a beautiful woman who is a soul mate and companion in the truest sense.


* ... and so much more.  In case you cannot guess, I am a huge fan, having followed his career for more than a decade in two countries.  Although I am not a wedding photographer I always learn so much from his sessions because he’s a true Master and a really nice guy.  I attend many professional development programs every year to continually improve my craft but I have yet to meet anyone who delivers as much energy, passion, skill and inspiration as Jerry does in one day.  If you are fortunate enough to attend one of his intense 12 hour days during his 30 city tour “How to Wow” you will gain insights that propel you to another level and encourage you to exceed your expectations.  Tell him Deb sent you.


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