My Key to London

October 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

“If London is a watercolor, New York is an oil painting” Peter Shaffer


What is your impression of London?  From the moment I first visited Britain’s capitol nearly 30 years ago I felt completely at home and I am still intrigued by city’s diversity.   


In my third solo show this year, I returned to my first love of travel photography to showcase a city that constantly evolves and reinvents itself, layering more memories like an archeological site  My current exhibition “London Through My Lens” is a small sampling of 40+ photos that portray some of the character of England’s vibrant city from the historic to contemporary urban landscapes.  It is still on view at the Gallery at the Avon Public Library, 280 Country Club Road, Avon from Sept 2 - Oct 26 2014 inclusive.


Marveling at the myriad of architectural details crowded into familiar scenes, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to this vibrant city.  Showing deserted streets in a crowded city throughout the seasons or at different times of the day or night, these images convey many moods of the third largest city in the world.  


With a mix of bold color choices and classic BW images, strong graphic lines and shadows capture the beautiful drama of London.  Of course photos can’t convey the atmosphere of a cosy crowded pub, fine dining in grand establishments, the intimacy of theater or Ballet in the West End or miles of Museum galleries waiting to savored leisurely as one wanders from one treasure to the next.  Somehow the crazy juxtaposition of old buildings with intricate architectural features sit comfortably with new glass creations crowding towards the sky. On each visit I discover something new and I always leave feeling that I haven’t finished sampling its riches fully so I am already planning a return trip.


As a bonus feature, there is also a small retrospective showing highlights from the Centenary Exhibit of the Royal Chelsea Flower Show as featured in the premiere issue of “Couture Flowers” magazine last month. 


This display is a departure from my recent photo exhibits of the First Company Governor’s Horse Guards.  Those large scale black and white portraits of the GHG were on view for 4 weeks at The Bushnell in Hartford to coincide with the sold-out theatrical season of the play “War Horse” with an encore hanging at the Avon Library for a further 6 weeks earlier this year.  I am still actively involved in this unique long-term photo-documentary project, confirming a third Horse Guards exhibition with new images and supporting programs has been scheduled for Spring 2015.



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