Why Sabbaticals are Key

August 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sabbatical.  Even the word sounds like a sigh.  Sometimes it’s the perfect antidote to the “busyness of business”, especially when you feel that you can’t contemplate a break from everything that needs to be done.  Remember no one is indispensable, even in your own venture.  Take the time to pause and take your pulse, personally and professionally.  


I literally “skipped the country” to spend time with my closest friend and to break the routine of the everyday.  I needed some quiet time, some laughs, some good wine and the opportunity to share some deep discussion with a trusted mentor who truly understands my creative path.  If you don’t have a genuine partner, sounding board or executive coach, it can be difficult to objectively take stock of your achievements or to plan the next steps.  Celebrate with someone who cares and who is constructively candid because it’s easy to be too close and loose a little perspective. 


Not everyone can “disappear” for 6 weeks but I had the added luxury of a week completely on my own to follow the rhythm of my soul.  I indulged in all the activities I love: I read, went to a wide selection of theater, wandered museums, strolled in art galleries and meandered in a city I love while developing a fresh collection of photos.  I spoke to many creatives and took the time to research photographers I admire.  I scribbled ideas and now I am eager to apply this new perspective in my work.   


It’s your choice but I can heartedly recommend taking time out.  Reflect, refine, reinvent and recommit.  You’ll be amazed at the new reserves you have to draw from. 


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