New Year, New Vision, New Vigor is Key

January 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

New Year in New York is always special.  Holiday lights and windows give a glow well beyond Times Square where colored confetti continued to flutter 20 hours after the Ball dropped.  As the rain came and the crowds thinned, leaving glistening reflections on quiet streets, it’s time to savor the magic of this vibrant city.  It’s always exciting to stroll the streets, attend the best of Broadway, sample favorite restaurants then see world-class fine art and photography exhibitions.


A personal highlight was “Genesis”.  I love Salgado’s dramatic images so it was a treat to see his work again in the final exhibition at the International Center of Photography before the ICP relocates downtown.  It reaffirmed I always gravitate to strong black and white images so when I finish revamping my website in the next few weeks you will see my homage to his style.


This year has started strong with a series of meetings that are expanding collaborative projects I've already been involved with in recent years.  A very classy cookbook project has the green light to develop quickly; Hill-Stead has some exciting activities that will tie in with other areas of interest; two exhibitions are booked; and today I photographed the Horse Guards on parade as part of Governor Malloy’s Inauguration for a second term, despite the bitter cold. Who would have thought I’d literally be in the midst of this American tradition with all the marching bands, pomp and ceremony?


It’s very reaffirming to see how my style and confidence has crystalized in the past few years as these wild ideas converge into a more cohesive body of work.  I don’t have all the answers but I finally have the confidence to trust my instincts and follow the path that fires my imagination.  This is the year to deliver the dreams and really step it up.


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