Key Lessons from Lou Freeman

April 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

With her own unique style, Lou Freeman immediately captivates with her confident approach to life and the business of photography.  Within an hour of arriving at Hyannis for a week of instruction at N.E.I.P.P. Lou had shared her experiences gained from three decades of a changing profession and had the class thinking deeply about what defines each of us as an artist.  With a simple exercise to become calm and still, she laid the groundwork for a radical shift in the direction I need to take.


A distinctive flair for styling and layering clothing was enhanced to an almost theatrical level with the addition of dramatic makeup and wigs that took beautiful models into the realm of fantasy.  Makeup artist Rosangela proved the value of collaborating with someone skilled who helps take the notion of a design to a carefully constructed  conceptual fantasy by creating significantly different looks for each model.


Simple sets were carefully lit to suggest depth and the models were directed with grace to create a truly distinctive series of images.  Lou’s technical understanding of lighting setups to “sculpt” people’s best features and to accentuate the positive one of the best hands-on seminars I have experienced.  I thought it would be intimidating to learn from someone of her stature in the industry but her instruction made sense, even in complex scenarios.  Besides Lou, it was great to learn from fellow students who also shared their knowledge willingly in an atmosphere of solid camaradeship.


With her candid no-nonsense approach to business, much of the tuition I have been taking in recent months now has clarity of application.  It’s clear a new game plan is required in the next 3 months to build momentum and to overhaul majority of my business.  It’s time to concentrate less on client work to be able to overhaul the minute details of my business in order to advance further.


I know it won’t be as effortless when back in my own studio but I have a new found confidence to continue pushing my understanding of what is possible.  After too many years out of the studio I am eager for construction to conclude so I can move in and create my own variation of these exciting themes.  I still can’t believe her generosity of spirit to share her work practices so clearly as she teaches around the country.  Lou’s creativity and vision is inspiring.  Thank you for sharing a new perspective.



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