Key to Earth Day

April 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

"Every day is earth day" Author unknown.

It's simple: our plans and aspirations are insignificant in the greater scheme if we don't have a healthy planet.  Clean water and air to sustain life.  Biodiversity to ensure healthy soil and non-sterile crops to feed our people, regardless of geography or color of one's skin.  Renewable clean energy rather than fracking our fragile planet's surface.  Alternatives to nuclear power that cannot be contained for the 1000s of years because building and regimes crumble before the half-life and potency expires.  Extreme weather patterns that sweep across our globe, wrecking lives, homes, infrastructure and creating economic calamity.  We are placing a terrible burden on this shared globe.  

Global warming is real people.  As Wendell Berry said "The earth is what we have in common" so turn down the thermostat, insulate your homes, put on a sweater, live simply, reduce waste, leave a smaller carbon footprint, take shorter showers, use public transport where available or walk, carpool, .... it all adds up. Reduce, reuse, recycle - and make everyday Earth Day.  

It's a beautiful planet but it needs our help now.



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