A Key Vote Today

June 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I rarely get political since I am a guest in this land: I am not a citizen so I can’t vote here, although I certainly pay my fair share of taxes and actively contribute to many organizations within my extended community.



However this is the first time I actively lobbied Legislators to protect institutions I value.  I do understand the need to have a balanced budget, to provide essential human services for people in need, to improve the infrastructure and support so many worthwhile programs that address the needs of this diverse state.  


In recent months it had seemed many arts, cultural and historic organizations have been targeted for their funding to be eliminated completely.  I don’t have all the detail too hand yet so I don’t know all that were slashed or retained but I believe the Governor’s Horse Guards was given a reprieve.


I often wonder why this group caught my imagination.  Perhaps it’s the unique traditions they observe....



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