A New Perspective is Key

July 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light”.  Dan Brown


Sometimes we all need a little distance.  Sometimes it’s a new locale to see things from a new perspective, a chance to try new things or perhaps it’s simply quiet time to reflect on how things can be improved when you are not caught in the day-to-day activity.  


This view over Tokyo at dusk is a good analogy for taking the time to step away.  As I gaze over this wonderful, vibrant city I feel at peace, even though it’s a world away from my leafy green woods of Connecticut.  At street level there’s the bustle of people, traffic, sign, sounds, aromas as people navigate  their lives.  Sometimes you are actively engaged in the commerce and connections; other times you pass as an observer and that’s ok too.  Elevate yourself and notice the world around you.  There’s a hush and calmness that comes over people as they contemplate a sunset or watch the lights below with child like appreciation for the simple beauty that is repeated every day if we choose to see it.  


If you haven’t been to Tokyo before you will be delighted.  Despite being one of the most populous cities in the world with 12 million people living within its 23 prefectures and another 2.5 million commuting in to work, it is quiet and pristine.  There is a sense of order in every aspect of daily life.  Whether it’s how pedestrians walk on the left side of the pavement or how steadily so many people share the transit system to the appearance of stores, homes or cafes, everything is neat.  The quality of produce is impeccable and the flavors amazing while the people are gracious and polite. Nature is appreciated and celebrated.  There is a great sense of pride in this city and it’s justified.  


Perhaps that’s the allure of travel.  It’s the chance to step away from the ordinary routine and immerse yourself in another landscape, to tempt jaded tastebuds with new flavors, to learn how others live and to literally walk a new path.  


Take in the view from another perspective.  Sit on a hillside or gaze from a balcony over the rooftops and savor the stillness.  Think about the boundless possibilities then tackle the world afresh.  It’s exciting out there.


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