The First Company Governor's Horse Guard is the oldest continually serving cavalry unit in the United States and has a proud history dating to 1778. Based in Avon since 1954 this volunteer unit is part of the CT Militia. As part of a long-form photo-documentary project I have been photographing the formal events and behind the scenes moments of this unique unit to tell their story in fresh way.

While working towards the book "Guarding Tradition: Past, Present and Future of the Governor's Horse Guards" my images have been used in updated PR materials, the press, on billboards and in 2 solo exhibitions to raise their profile in the community. One of the major events was a 4 week solo display at The Bushnell Theater in Hartford to coincide with the sold-out season of "War Horse" and the Avon Public Library for 6 weeks. A new exhibition is planned for 2016 with a series of programs to engage the community.