Deborah Key, L.L.C. | About
  • Australian by birth + resident in the US by choice, I'm always eager to explore the world further as a freelance professional photographer specializing in food + travel; 
  • At my studio I create fine art + portraits while working on several books;
  • Through my long-term photo-documentary projects + community work I meet fascinating people and help share their stories visually;  
  • I am proud to have studied photography formally in a 3 year degree program + to have taught
  • I'm an active member of many internationally respected photography associations (ASMP, CTPPA, PPANE, PPA, WPPI + more) that encourage me to continually evolve as a professional; 
  • I'm committed to life-long learning to be aware of current business trends + emerging technologies; ​
  • Photography is my passion.  I love the challenge of capturing fleeting moments.  Every image is a fresh opportunity to create something beautiful;
  • Art + theatre have always inspired me. I also sketch, paint, cook, write + constantly dream new projects but my best work of art is my family.